How to Become a Radio DJ?

A radio DJ is also known as a disc jockey refers to a person who is responsible for playing and mixing music in the station as well as conducting discussions regarding music, news and other issues that are of interest to the general public during breaks or in between songs. He is a radio broadcaster who broadcasts on air.

In order to become a radio DJ, one needs to do the following:

Undergraduate program

In order to become a radio DJ, it is paramount to acquire a Bachelor’s degree first. A degree in ethnomusicology, recording arts, music production or Bachelor’s for Music Business could be necessary. An undergraduate program in either broadcasting, journalism, communication or any media related field would be necessary to set the pace to become a radio DJ. This provides a very solid foundation for a career as a radio DJ.

It is advisable to get enrolled in broadcasting classes in order to improve a person’s diction and also one’s vocal abilities. Undertaking such a degree aids in equipping an individual with knowledge of equipment used during broadcasts, the guidelines of Federal Communications Commission as well as the programs for software editing which all form the basis to enable one to undergo training smoothly.


Before excelling as a radio DJ, one must undergo training in a college radio or even training on the job. This is meant to sharpen the skills that one has already acquired when undertaking the undergraduate program. As a requirement from employees, a radio DJ needs to finish a long-term training which they can generally do as interns at commercial stations, TV studios or even in campus radios.

Skills and appearance

There are certain skills and competencies that one needs to possess in order to become a radio DJ. Such skills include excellent communication skills in order to be capable to make announcements of songs and any other relevant information by use of the appliances in the studio. One also needs to be able to use social media well enough to advertise and promote the radio station he’s working for.

An efficient radio DJ needs to be a good writer with skills of comprehension and an excellent communicator. He/ she needs to be a good vocalist who is proficient in the tools of broadcasting and technology.

A radio DJ is expected to be neat, to make their skills perfect and to advance their radio personas despite where they set off their careers. The social media is an important tool that one can use to market and to build a base where they have their fans who are essential in providing motivation to an upcoming radio DJ. Also, voice is important. Get the most from the mint and lemon tea benefits!